5 most unique Woman and beyond reasonable limits

1.Elaine Davidson (6925 Piercings)
Brazilian women who received the title of The Most Pussies Woman from the Guinness Book of Records in May 2000 ago, back so the spotlight. Not because it has body piercings on 6925, including 1,500 internal piercings in the year 2000, Elaine had 462 piercings on his body, including 192 in her face. But the number of tindikannya has now been reached 6925 piercings, including piercings in the ' vital '. In February 2009, the Brazilian-born former nurse is admitted to already feel the pain from the art of piercing that she liked it, so he does not want to again increase the number of piercings on his body. However he never remove or eliminate any of the rings and bracelets that are stuck to the body, which is estimated to have reached a total weight of about three pounds really amaizing huh

2.Bae Dal Mi (Never Wash The Face)
The young 20-year-old puber residing country korea. were never wash your face, this habit began when he fell in love with makeup at the age of 14 years. Since then, from time to time the use of make-up is getting thicker. He said that the most important thing in his life is a mirror. "I am always looking into the mirror and take him any time," he said on a variety show in korea. Despite her gorgeous included without make-up, she still felt unsatisfied with his performance of "I want to do plastic surgery in 10 places," he said. really obsessed

3.Staysha Randall (Had the piercings 3200)
It's pretty awful well if taken care of, have legs hands and her back penetrated by 3,200 needles industrial strength, in order to create a new Guinness record, in Las Vegas. Staysha, Las Vegas players who usually performs action escape and shows the laughingstock in which he demonstrates his physical strength set out to break the old record 3,100 needles stuck in one person

4.Ji Hyun (Never Rub The Teeth)
This gorgeous looking woman turns out to have a habit of reasonable limits on the outside but it was he who headlined the event Virus Mars the most popular television program in South Korea is claiming to never again rubbing his teeth since 10 years ago. " I don't understand why people have to brush your teeth, because other people anyway cannot designate peeking inside into your mouth, "said Ji Hyun Ji, relaxed. "For me, a pile of leftover food thus really will protect my teeth." The last time he remembered doing it when his mother brushed his teeth at the age of 10 years. Everyday, he just wiped the front teeth.

5.Cindy Jackson (Do The Most Plastic Surgery)
If seen in passing beauty Cindy Jackson looks natural in an age no longer young, 55. But kemolekannya he attained through extreme procedure with 52 times permak face and body. Cindy currently holds the record for the most plastic surgeries in the world. "I have not sought to break the record of any kind. I just did it to get a beautiful body that is natural, "he said in a footage on ABCNews. Cindy revealed for decades he did 14 plastic surgery, botox, upper and lower eye surgery. He also underwent a retrieval of abdominal fat (liposuction) and collagen syringe in hand. For all the operations that he do, Cindy have to spend upwards of $100 thousand or equivalent Rp858 million. Feeling experienced transitions operating table, he claimed himself as a consultant expert anti-aging. "During that process I get valuable knowledge about the operation and did not. Why surgery is sometimes not a success, as well as the secrets of achieving best results, safe and most effective, "she wrote in her personal website. This Ohio woman admitted, background as well as the Crabby father inferiority make him bent on changing themselves. Since a young age, he felt his body is ugly. "When the age of 14, there was a comment about my smile so that made me feel like they want to change it."
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