7 facts Unique facts that are very rarely known

7 facts Unique facts that are very rarely known
1. single bridge on the river Amazon (length more than 4,300 miles)

The bridge is the only bridge of Rio Negro, which was opened in 2010.

The bridge connecting the banks of the river Rio Negro, which is a tributary of the Amazon.

2. grid line on the Tigers turned out equally between feathers and kulinya

In addition, no two tigers in the world that has a pattern of the same lines

3. were the apples we buy in the supermarket are harvested between 5 to 12 months before arriving at the supermarket.

4. Seeds, leaves, unripe fruit, and stems of avocado are toxic.

Oddly enough, this avocado part more harmful to animals, especially birds.

Avocado is completely safe for humans, and is highly beneficial to our health.

5. It's called  "Paris Syndrome, " and this is a condition that is popular among the people of Japan.

Paris Syndrome is their great disappointment about the capital city of France.

Of course, people from other countries also can experience it.

Consulate of Japan in France even had to open a hotline to provide psychological support to its people.

6. Brown eyes blue but actually with brown pigment.

American biologist Gregg Homer, founded a company that developed a procedure to allow humans change their Brown eyes to blue.

7. it turns out the wounds exposed the incision edges of paper more painful than the exposed blade due to a very simple reason.

The thing is, a knife make deep scars and cause bleeding.

Blood can be frozen, and wounds heal more quickly.

Another case with paper that does not make the deep scars, and no bleeding, so the wounds take longer to heal and cause more pain.
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