This is what compelling reason You Lazy Bikin Lecture!

Not a bit of a lazy students to College, even up to be catastrophic. Among other things, the suspension of thesis and recent many things due also passing Affairs have not been resolved. It could be, they are no longer the same passionate lectures had a mistake from the beginning choose majors.
Should the existing barriers of hell, aja so quickly traveled to the destination. But what should make, man kan got the test respectively. COBA deh error check list here some of which offered from see yaa?

1. Choose the majors because of the prestige, not because of the heart

David Coyle of Methodius who was the specialist IT recruitment employees expose the secrets of his success in his career, he thinks a lot of employees and university graduates are always in doubt with a question of her inner self and hard to choose between "heart or Salary". By listening to the words of the heart, David Coyle felt he was baseball ever get tired of live work. In fact, if people learn and do what they enjoy doing, then it's not anything that's done only produce poor performance.

2. Listen to the wrong advice

Really listen to the mandatory opinion of the parents in determining your future. But, it would be better if all your decision based discussion instead of coercive authority or your parents wishes. Anyway, who lead the future later on is yourself.

Sometimes parents feel better understand yourself rather than ourselves because of menganggapmu it is too early to think up. If there is a difference of opinion matters kuliahmu majors, try to explain your wishes about slowly, your future plans and career level, such as what you've dreamed about and aim for it. If it's obvious and you are able to give a precise reason, parents will definitely be thought to favour what is already chosen by his son, and not give advice, you are responsible to what already choose themselves.

3. Fear

In the world of free, you are free to lecture any to answer the curiosity you have in your head. In addition, you are entitled to have a friend as well as a new experience. Afraid to show teeth, just makes you feel the weight of live every lecture. In fact, the more extensive pergaulanmu, then informasimu also increased about professors, courses, campus environment, on-campus activities, favorite food in the cafeteria and the like, so memudahkanmu during her lecture.

4. most of the course, even failing to focus

May hell assume if followup with lots of courses will provide benefits for kariermu. But, the more diverse course that you follow, thus making it out increasingly complex and fokusmu split asunder.

Courses that support career courses that are aligned with the profession are you going tekuni. Though the course is given by the best teachers for free, most les can be a problem in a split schedule with classes. Because it was too tired with the activities of the non-formal, a student so not prima again while in class.

5. freedom of Association are too focused to forget yourself

Students who are active in the activities of the Organization have a myriad of agenda to voice aspirasinya. Cool for sure when in the CV and writing a series of organization experience that makes the company moved to glance at you. But back again on duty utamamu: College number one, the organization is stabilised. The baseball a little bit self actualize kebablasan students through organization, forget them if he was working on a thesis.
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