Most Exstrime body modification that does not make sense

modifying the body is a sort of a thing that is very strange to some but for the people is probably as their needs in excess of the works of art, may we never ask what the benefits of it all, what of it all of them have different reasons, but judging from the views of the world society in General was the sheer arrogance and yntuk to get a beat awe of audiences

just go ahead, this is list a list of people who have modified their bodies in extrime

1. Gregory Paul McLaren
changed its name to Lucky Diamond Rich, tattooing his body with a closed until the ink completely. so he grabbed a Guinness World Record in 2006 as the guy with the most tattoos around the world.
2. Zombie boy
man this one memopdifikasi of tattooing his body with his whole body as possible with real zombies following the Saint
3. Vampire Woman
This woman named Maria Jose Cristerna this woman to modify his body with very extrim to look like a vampire just look insubstantial it looks very odd and very creepy
4. Women with 9000 piercings
the woman reportedly has the world's most numerous piercings just look so many piercings he had, Guinness World Records recorded the most piercings were won by Brazilian women is
5. extra ear
other than on the other this may be a dream by the one this how did he deliberately momodifgikasi his body by placing an extra ear on one of his arms

It's a few people who intentionally modifying his body with extrime, may add to our insight Yes..
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