What is a turbo?

A turbocharger is a centrifugal compressor gets power from a turbine which comes from vehicle exhaust fumes. The machine used to increase. The key advantage of a turbocharger are those that offer a lot of energy in a single machine with only adds weight. Turbo is a device used only in vehicles with the use of racing. But now many manufacturers use turbo to the daily vehicle. And are usually vehicles that used the turbo engines smaller than aspirated. The turbocharger was invented by an engineer Alfred B├╝chi Switzerland. Patent for the turbocharger was applied for use in 1905. [1] the locomotive and ship diesel engines with turbochargers began to appear in the year 1920 's. Weakness in gasoline engines is that the compression ratio should be lowered (so as not to exceed the maximum compression pressure and to prevent machine rapping) that reduce the efficiency of the engine when operating at low power. This loss is not available in turbocharged diesel engine is specially designed. However, for operation at high altitude, the strength of a turbocharger income make a difference far with total power output of two types of machines. This last factor makes aircraft engines with turbochargers very profitable; and the initial thinking for the development of this tool. The components of this machine has three essential parts: wheel of the turbine, the compressor wheel and home. The turbine is spinning elbow wheel using exhaust gas pressure, then through the rotation of the turbine wheel also rotates the wheel compressor with knife so that it becomes a solid mass of the air pump. Because these components are often spun out 80,000 revolutions per minute, a good lubrication is required. 

Turbo device usually help an extra power on the vehicle. The Turbo can significantly increase the engine power without significantly increasing vehicle weight. As quoted from page IndoBlazer Detik.com and Carwow, Tuesday (05/01/2016), the conventional Engine requires the mixing of fuel and air to work. 
Turbo device has the task to force more air into the intake cylinder engines that can be mixed with fuel to produce more power. Turbo using the energy from the exhaust gas of the engine to put air into the engine. Turbo device consists of two main parts, namely, turbine and compressor. Both are closely related, when one of them spinning, rotating the others as well. When the fuel is burned in the engine, the exhaust gases are forced out of the engine at high pressure, then the tube turns the turbine. This turbine rotating at very high speeds, even up to 250,000 RPM and causing the compressor rotates. This results in more airflow into the engine than a non-turbo engine. As a result, greater energy. Turbo works with enormous speed. That is, the device operates under high pressure and temperature. To prevent risks, usually paired with an intercooler turbocharger to cool air. And oil cooling systems also ensure turbo not working overheating. Indeed, the greater power is the most common benefits of using turbo. However, excess power is actually one of the other benefits. Another advantage of the turbo engine is fuel efficiency. Turbo engine could generate the same power as a non-turbo engine (sometimes called normally aspirated). However, with the same power, the fuel that is used even less. 
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