Excited nurses in East Lombok raping friends it works

Viral, nurses in East lombok raping friends it works, this incident happened in the Selong Area General Hospital, a case that began when the victim's initials IF unforeseen, 23 years old, the origin of the hot item of the village Hamlet of sweet orange Sub Sikur, on duty in the hospital. At that time, Thursday (13/12) early morning around 02.00 Wita, victim and perpetrator of the unexpected which is also nurse the initials DA, 35 years old, the origin of the village Tinggar Village/Sub Sikur are both working.
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DA then invited into the room IF the internal reasons about to discuss something important. Unexpected victims else hooked and without a doubt come into call unexpected perpetrator. After arriving in the room was unexpectedly direct perpetrators of locking the door. That's where the deed was allegedly done depraved offender against the victim.

This news has been broadcast under the title Radarlombok.co.id Sedjono PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL Nurse Selong Allegedly Raped

The next day, unforeseen victims who could not accept with immediate events reported the incident to police the resort East Lombok. The report is then acted upon based on LP/947/XII/YAN. 2.5/NTB/Res. Loti about criminal acts of rape. '' We are investigating this case now, '' said Kasubag Publicist Polres East Lombok, AKP I Made Tista, last Sunday (16/12).

Made claims to be, it is already examining a number of witness statements. The victims included a number of nurses on duty that night. It has also done a visum for mengumpukan evidence over the report. '' The case is still in our investigation, '' ulasnya.

The PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL Director Dr. Soedjono Selong, dr Hasbi when confirmed via cell phone to asked for feedback related to these cases are not yet willing to give answers
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