This list of 5 most beautiful female artist In Southeast Asia No 5 Most Hot

In Thailand you guys guys should care, why? Because there are many transgender lho. But quiet, we are going to describe the artist is artist pure chick aka not transgender 😂. But the average is the result of a beautiful marriage of West aka the mulatto. Countries like Indonesia and Thailand is the country's best film industry in Southeast Asia, for that's not surprising if the two countries that have most goodly cewe artist. Okay the curious anyone they please refer below. But the singles banned bulging, admin also singles

1.Liza Soberano (Filipina)
He's the number one chick artist in the Philippines. Born on 4 January 1998 (1 year difference with admin Yes 😃) from a Filipino descent and mother father American.  Because his parents divorced, Liza was raised by his grandfather and grandmother in California, the United States until the age of 10 years. When she was already 10 years, Liza moved to Manila, Philippines and lived with her father. Apparently the father remarried and Liza have a stepmother. Although Liza very affectionate with his new mom that her stepmother as well as dear to Liza. Liza started his career in 2011 and at the time it turns out that Liza has not yet fluent in Tagalog (Tagalog is one of the national languages of the Philippines other than Spain) so that any play in the Liza look stammered. It's known from birth until the age of 10 years of his life in the United States that uses the language of the United Kingdom.

2.Raisa (Indonesia)
This is he coveted the Indonesia singles. Not just famous in his country, women born on 6 June 1990 is also popular in neighboring countries namely Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. Katy Perry herself to ninth 44 as the owner of the world's prettiest face of the year 2017. Katy Perry also never fill the soundtrack of one of the Walt Disney film in Hollywood just yet. Ye know not? Katy Perry was a big fan of Chelsea's Icelandic lho!. For the jombloers do not seek this one out because it already had a husband

3.Preechaya Pongthananikorn (Thailand)
Ever watch the movie ATM Error? If you guys ever means know who this dong. Well he is a Pongthananikorn, actress Preechaya Jib in the movie ATM Error. Women commonly called Ice was born on February 14, 1990, wah wah so coincide on valentine's day ya 😃 probably already planned huh? Not only performing in the movie ATM Error, Ice also appeared in several films namely Seven Something, and I Fine Tanks You Love You. If you haven't watch ATM Error, immediately take a look and see how the acting Ice that makes laugh along with co-star whose name admin forgot 😂. Find out the film itself is on aja HOOQ

4.Natasha Wilona (Indonesia)
Well now turn from Natasha Wilona. If you guys are lovers of sitcoms would've not familiar about this name. Natasha Wilona alone was in the order of the world was above 36 which Katy Perry 44 debuted as a woman who has the most beautiful face in the world in the year 2017. Bloody Chinese woman was born on December 15, 1998. In addition to performing at the street children, Natasha also appeared in several soap operas such as Schoolgirl, rose and jasmine, as well as who's afraid of falling in love and even perform Nini Thowok horror film as Nadine. For the problem of the appearance of many people considers similar South Korea artist Natasha

5.Davika Hoorne (Thailand)
Do not consider yourselves lovers don't know if Thailand film cewe on this one. Admin wrote Thailand film lovers know this lady let alone whose names were 😂 Sornarin Ploy. Many also say the artist this is Katy Perry's version of Thailand 😃. CEWE is a mulatto (Thailand-Belgium) was born on May 6, 1992, which is why he is called Mai. To know kan film Pee Mak? This film starts from the admin knows the name of this artist. Oddly enough Admins watching horror movies but there is no fear at all but instead ngakak and also fascinated. Gimana ya afraid that if it was as pretty as hantunya 😂. In addition to the movie Pee Mak, Mai also appeared in Heart Attack as the Imm and the doctor in the movie Suddenly Twenty as a charming young Parn
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