Benefits of marine biology in the maritime world

Benefits of marine biology in the maritime world
In biology of the sea in General similar to biology in General. Specifically, the study focused on studying the life of living beings that live in the sea. At the deepest sea (depth up to 300 m below sea level), because sunlight cannot penetrate to the depths, then the characteristic of living things at sea in a small, embedded and her body may issue to light. This group contains the microscopic or micro-organisms. The size of a large sea creatures and the most massive example of types of sharks can live on sea free occupies the part which is not too deep.
By learning about the benefits of marine biology can be known that living things found at most is a type of fish. So the benefits of marine biology in the field of education to the students, scientists and enthusiasts of other marine biology, marine biology is the study of organisms and the interactions of the environment relationship. And can be used as a means to conduct education and research on for students to be able to enrich the General knowledge about the biology of the sea, and have an understanding and sensitivity to the importance of the benefits of marine biology in both aspects everyday life as well as aspects of education.

Indonesia is a country which has very spacious sea territory, around 2/3 territory of the country in the form of oceans. With coverage of the breadth of the territorial sea is so, then even admitted in Indonesia internasional as Maritime Countries set out in UNCLOS 1982 which gave his access and expand the sea territory of Indonesia with all assessments following him. In addition also occurs an extension of sovereign rights over the natural wealth in ZEE and take off kontinen and Indonesia also still own the rights to the Organization of natural reseources at sea and in naval policy. All this makes Indonesia as a country that is very rich.
            Dekalaration Djuanda 1957 asserting konsepsi Vision Mirror gives us incredible award it a sea, land and air. As the world's largest Archipelago Country, Indonesia had a Sea region 5, 8 million km2 which consists of regional teritorial as large as 3, 2 million sq km and regional Economic Exclusive Zona Indonesia (ZEEI) 2, 7 million km2. In addition, there is an island in Indonesia with 17.504 coastline along 95.181 km.
            With the coverage in this large and spacious, of course the sea Indonesian pregnant diversity of natural resources sea potensial, both embracing and non-hayati which of course gives huge value resources natural as fish, coral reef with the wealth of biological high economic value, energy resources and terbarukan oil and gas mineral rare earth, and also media transportasi antar island that is very economic.
            Maritime large enough potential sumberdaya and dispersed throughout the province of Indonesia. Of fisheries, including capture fisheries, budidaya, and processing for US $47 miliar per year. Whereas from marine tourism reach US $29 miliar per year. From energy-renewable of US $80 miliar per year ranging from energy currents of the sea, tidal, wave, sea algae biofuels, heat. While the sea of Biofarmasetika US $330 miliar per year. With mabundance of biodiversity indonesia sea, can be used for expansion of the biotechnology industry as a rule, materials, cosmetics and bioremediasi obat-obatan. Whereas from the sea there is a potential sector transportation US $90 miliar per year. While the Earth's oil and gas offshore worth US $68 miliar. A total of 70% of the Earth's oil and gas production comes from offshore, with 40 of the 60 basin potensial pregnant oil and gas are available at 14 in offshore and onshore just 6. The result of seabed minerals reach US $256 miliar per year, industry and services sectors reaching US maritime $72 miliar per year and salt reach US $28 miliar per year (Sudirman Saad in the news
   A big economic opportunity from the responsible utilization of the potential of such large sea resource this deservedly gives a great turn for kontribution increase America's race, even already supposed to be national economic mover sector the dominant. But in fact the fisheries industry and national kelautan still carryforwards in optimal, it is seen from the data points that the coastal community kasat who is the community closest to the shore and marine resources generally still belongs to the poor at the community or categorized as community with low level of well-being.

Marine biology
            In a large Dictionary, the meaning of Language Indonesia is a group of sea water asin (in total abundance and wide) that inundate and land on the continent or divideIsland, whereas marine only described as "description relating to the sea". In relation to here can be just as close, touching interpreted, intersect. Or, when we refer to the dictionary Large Indonesian, in relation to the means concerned (with); have the outboard pautnya (with); bertalian (at); associated (with): or meet (with); having (with): or connects to. From this it is clear that uraian meaning the term marine more likely see marine and sea as a form of physically, as physical linked entities or physical property. The broad meaning may marine only interpreted as everything has an interest with sea water expanse asin very spacious covered the surface of the Earth (Arsyad, r., 2012).

Maritime, a large Dictionary in Indonesiaa interpreted as in respect of the sea; relating to navigation and Commerce at sea. In English, the word used to indicate the nature or however that the mastery of the sea is seapower. The term maritime also pregnant ambiguitas. What is a maritime maritime was mentioned in the narrow sense relating only that is Navy or marine forces in contact with the ground and the air, strength or even in a wide meaning, that is Navy and all activities relating to the use of commercial nonmiliter of the sea.
            Be seen from broad, meaning words words kelautan may be more likely as a sea interpreted, that is expanse water asin very spacious covered the surface of the Earth, just looking at the thing that the sea with all the wealth of the universe contained in Yes. Thus, the term maritime indeed more comprehensive, that is not just see the sea in the container and the contents thing that, but also see the sea in the context of geopolitik, especially Indonesian positions in cross between the two continents and two Ocean and Sea region is very important for world trade.  This sense suitable about the Huge Indonesian Language Dictionary interpret maritime as in respect of the sea; relating to navigation and Commerce at sea (Arsyad, r., 2012).
Limited terrestrial resource aktivity based economic expansion then the coastal and sea (marine) became very important for the future of the nation of Indonesia. In the field of economic development has not become mainstream marine economic development of Indonesia, however field marine consisting of seven economic sectors, namely (i) the relationship of the sea, the maritime industry (ii), (iii) fisheries, (iv) Marine tourism, (v) energy and mineral resource, (vi) building marine and (vii) marine services, own kontribution registration 22.42% on domestic products bruto (PDB RENDERING) national in 2005. The value of a pretty significant kontribusi economy followed by the force over to the field work should be able to mensejahterakan people and all components of the nation in the land of water. But because the national commitment to development is still restricted marine resulted in the potential field of marine(functions and resource) has not been developed in optimal (Ministry of Fisheries and marine, 2012).
From the meaning of maritime, marine biology and its benefits, then be known with that to organize with optimal sumberdaya kemaritiman, should be accompanied by knowledge and stewardship berkelanjutan way. Learn about marine biology and marine biota in the range. Up to the sea as knowledge, biological underpinning for keberlanjutan and maritime expansion.
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