Conserving marine ecosystems

The underwater area is an area that we have to take care of and preserved that later will we inherit is for posterity we next, Coral reefs, mangroves, and seagrass pasture ecosystems are the three key areas of the coast and the sea. Coral reefs and mangrove ecosystem is becoming the wealth and pride in nearly the entire span of the sea
In ecological, social, economic and political, the entire coastal ecosystem and form the sea is very important because it provides environmental services (environmental services) great for the world community in General and especially in

Among others, the intake of protein (animal and vegetable), marine beauty, clean air and water in the coastal areas and the protection of coastal areas from the threat of natural disasters such as the tsunami and abrasion.

5 factors that make our fragile Ocean sustainability :
  1. Global corporations are greedy in mineral resources of dredging and underwater resources. This has led to excess catchment (Overfishing) and often they ' justify ' fishing in fish bombing, iegal functioning damage the underwater ecosystem
  2. Non organic waste in the form of industrial waste and chemical fluids that could potentially damage the marine ecosystem
  3. Lack of understanding of local communities will be the specialty of nature under the sea
  4. Negative changes of weather in the accelerated melting of ice like extrime in polar regions, rising sea levels and mass bleaching (mass bleaching) coral reef.
  5. Laws that protect marine ecosystems will be less striking to the perpetrators of the crime
Currently we are facing a crisis of fishing and the destruction of coastal ecosystems and sea very anxious. This condition is in need of attention and support from all of us.
Therefore, we should already be aware of and to build commitment to the preservation of coastal and marine ecosystems by ensuring the sustainable use of fish resources (SDI) sustainable and equitable.

To avoid contamination of underwater nature of course we as citizens should have a good awareness as well as a broad understanding of the nature of our sea sustainability will, to do a kampaye to the environment
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