Marine biology degree

marine science that examines life in the Sea (living beings and their interactions with the environment). There are many reasons to study marine biology. among others, the Sea provides a source of food, medicine, base material, recreation and tourism. Marine Biology covers a broad scale of such micro-plankton and phytoplankton to large animals such as whales. Although the sea cover 71% of the surface of the planet Earth, because its depth Sea covering about 300 times the volume permanently human.

What is the Department of Marine Biologist or marine biology?
Department of marine biology is jurusanya those who really falls in love with the sea. Yes, his name is also a marine biology. Student will be a lot to do with the sea and its living bein
gs. Not just dolphins, nemo and the giant fish, turtles and other cute critters. Students must also be ready to "play" from the plankton, the microbes to whales. In addition, students will also learn to evaluate at-risk human activities threaten biota and ecosystems of fish. Example: the pollution of sea disposal of trash or hazardous substances, fishing activities such as fish bombing, tourism activities that damage the marine environment etc. Their job is not just to determine what activities could be and what activities are prohibited. Marine biology students are also required to able to give solutions. And in the end, human needs and survival of marine life can walk together

and what is done by a marine biologist?
A marine biology either still studying or who have become expert will not be far from water. They will be involved in the investigation of marine residents. Researching habits, population and habitat. And of course hoping to find new species, as well as rare
They will also often streets, from an aquatic to other waters. Usually they are tasked to collect water sempel. Check if the water contains harmful or not zak. In some cases, they are entitled to write the report and report on the authorized parties

Marine Biology places on duty?
In General, marine biology graduates work in government institutions. However, many of those who work in the Aquarium, Zoo, museum and a faculty. Yes maybe they will mengjar as well as being a clear lecturer, they will be a lot of dabbling in the world of maritime to do a study, to get new things

How fixed income a marine biologist?
According to the U.S. Bereau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 2013 per year ago, a marine biologist can produce $30.10 per hour. Waw very amazing number ya friends
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