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Utility billing software  - Guys, have you ever heard the name of Utility software? Maybe the often heard is the software. In the computer world, very much once we can learn it. And here will discuss which sounds similar to the software and it was touted as a software Utility.
The software Utility is meant here is a software that has a specific task such as checking the hardware, damaged floppy disk checks and setting the contents of the hard drive. In general the Software Utility used as support or increase the system working on any program on your computer system.


1. Antivirus
One kind of Software Utility is Antivirus. And here is an antivirus application that has been there at every operating system which is very important in maintaining any existing operations especially in protecting data. Without any antivirus on each operating system, most likely will experience damage to data loss. Antivirus on this device as AVG Antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials, Avira, BitDefender, Kaspersky, McAfee and there are also antivirus like SmadAV Indonesia and PCMAV.

2. Data Compression and Archivers
This is also one piece of software or a Software Utility which is also not less useful against a computer that you have. The software is said to be able to combine many files into one archive. And of course it doesn't make you any hassles in the megirim one-by-one file you have.

To do things like that, a lot of software that can provide the solution for you and the device is FilZip, WinZip, WinRAR, 7-Zip and PowerISO.

3. Backup software
Although WinRAR and 7-Zip are specifically used for the manufacture of the archives, almost the same as the backup software where one device is also used to create archives from your hard disk drive. To be able to archive all data, this highly depends of several tools such as Norton Ghost, Nova Backup and Acronis True Image.

4. Disk Checkers
Disk Checkers is a piece of software that is typically used to find out or check the status of your Hard Disk Drive. The purpose of the examination is to find out the State of temperature and so on so that the damage occurred on the hard disk drive as bad sectors that jeopardize data can be controlled.

5. Disk Cleaners
True to its name, the ability of one type of software that it said can clean unneeded files from your hard disk. This is a feature of the plaing CCleaner.

6. Disk Defragmenters
In General, any existing operating system on windows has a built-in app or being touted as useful for Disk Defragmenter mendefrag partition the hard disk drive that can optimize or reading of data becomes faster.

7. Disk Partition Editors
In General, the capacity of a hard disk is very different. For those of you who need a hard disk, you should choose the size that fits your needs. There are partitions that can store data with large capacity and there is also a save data with small capacity. Thus, the importance of the existence of such software to serve as a regulator of the size of the partition.

8. Registry Cleaner
From the software CCleaner, there are additional tasks that must be done is to clean the registry. The registry database is considered as the Windows operating system. When the Windows operating system is very heavily used, it will result in the registry does not work optimally. Therefore, registry cleaning is very important in order for the registry more efficient.

9. Startup Manager
If you turn on the computer, at the moment it's not just computers. But did you know it turns out there is a part of the software which is lit. From this, it can extend the boot time or entry process of electric current on the computer equipment. Thus, the importance of controlling software on or off when not needed. With this, requiring extra caution to turn off the software to not help the system to another.

From the explanation that exists above and accompanied by some sort of software, software Utulity Utulity has several programs that can be divided into two parts like Internal and external Utility Program. Below will explain them one by one.

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