Marine Cargo Insurances

During this time a lot of info about insurance insurance practitioners from the side of the ship. In this paper I try to write from a glass eye Marine Cargo Surveyors are always facing the happenings on the field. I will make this writing some writing. In this article I discuss the types and functions of insurance of ships in General.
Institute Cargo Clauses A / B / C
is to guarantee insurance for transporting general cargo goods either in containers or bulk such as iron-iron, fabrics, rice, food and drink and so on, the Institute Cargo Clauses A/B/C are applicable for shipment by sea also for inland transit.

ensure risks-risks that are caused by:

  • Loss or damage due to fire or explosion: Ship aground, sank, or upside down, collision with other objects transport tool in addition to water, demolition charges on Harbor emergency costs incurred to provide reimbursement to owners of cargo other contributions, in the event of disposal of the charge deliberately in an attempt to salvage the trip (General Average), disposal of purposely goods into the sea to rescue trip.
  • Costs incurred because of "General Average" or salvage (Salvage Charges) relating to hazards during the trip.
  • This insurance is extended to provide reimbursement to the insured of the proportion of his responsibilities under the contract of voyage "Both to Blame Collision" Clause, for losses/damage is guaranteed. In the event of claims from the owner of the ship under this clause, the insured is obligated to notify the insurance company will have to protect the insured against such claims and costs and expenses of its own.
Institute Cargo Clauses (Air)
The insurance guarantees the transport of goods by air (air cargo), pengepalan of the goods until the goods are digudang up geared all insured in accordance with the insurance agreement is indicated in the insurance policy

Institute Coal Clauses
Freight insurance guarantee rock-bara commonly use barges (barge) and tugboat (tug boat) in the waters of Indonesia or use the ship's bulk (bulk carriers) to a foreign country or with other vessels

The Institute Bulk Oil Clauses
Insurance guarantee transport of oil such as diesel fuel, premium, palm oil (CPO) liquid minerals using the tanker. insurance cover leaks from pipe connecting at the time of loading, transshipment or discharge "and contamination caused by" bad weather "

The Institute Frozen Food/Meat Clauses
The insurance guarantees the transport of frozen meat or foods such as ice cream, cheese, meat, fish, and other processed foods that use reefer container. This clause ensures loss due to malfunctioning of the machine temperature containers.

For many types of other commodities such as cocoa, coffee, cotton, sugar, rubber and others can use the Institute Cargo Clauses A/B/C or can also use Institute FOSFA Trade Clauses

The closure of insurance starts when the insured goods leave the warehouse or place of storage that the policy to start the journey and continues during the trip with the travel route and ends at the moment:

The goods are received by the insured or to the destination warehouse or place of storage of the end in polis
Arriving at the warehouse or other desired storage insured
Discusses the three types of insurance for ships above is indeed not enough in one article. Therefore please refer to the other articles in this web that discussed one by one.
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