This sophisticated Car technology will have in the future

The car manufacturers vying for innovation so that his work could be acceptable, and able to provide the best service. car manufacturers have already launched cars with electric power, almost all apply systems self driving. However, in the next few years, the car will be invaded enthusiasts.

Electric car
Cars still use the conventional internal combustion engine using oil. Indeed it is now many fuel-efficient cars with various modifications. Start of transmission, radiator and gas tank are always updated so that efficient combustion.
Unfortunately these eroded fuel cars with electric mobl presence. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, already investing for this technology. Because in the future electric cars be the break of petroleum will be depleted over time. Fueling its own electric car just need mencolokan cable to the available power. Same thing with mengecas smartphone.

For the moment still quiet electric car enthusiasts. But when the less petroleum, electric cars will be searched. Because the development was done in accordance with the needs of the community.

Auto Car steering wheel 
Imagine if there were cars could operate on its own without holding the wheel, whether it be horrible? It is still debated because anything to do with the ethical and Legal Affairs. A car without a steering wheel was a radical evolution in the automobile industry.
The problem of the car without a steering wheel when it is software that is not yet perfect. Google already invests for the manufacture of a car steering wheel. To date, the automatic steering cars still need to be regulated again. However, in the future the automatic steering of a car can be an alternative to everyday life.

Flying car
Imagine a car that can fly like in the movies? But you can find the car in the real world. Developers of vehicles in major countries are vying to make a flying car that can be commercialised.
Terrafugia, a company focused in the field of transport managed to make a prototype flying car called the Transition. Transition is made to cover the flight is difficult as there are no commercial airstrip and terrain which is difficult to reach.

Translition is designed as a light aircraft that can hold two people. Flying range up to 400 miles and can operate with fuel car. To fold the wing takes less than a minute, so that it can enter the car garage.

This vehicle already tested in 2013 and will be rolled into the market by the year 2020. To be able to drive a car this flying, a pilot's license must have a minimum of 20 hours. Due to driving a car it dont have to be such a pilot school in General.

A minibus with artificial intelligence
Original car company Volkswagen, Germany established close cooperation with NViDIA to incorporate a minibus with kercerdasan artificial (AI). Features offered from kolabosari this is the "Intelligent Co-Pilot" using sensor data in order to drive more safely and comfortably. Volkswagen plans to go into production in the year 2022.
NVIDIA uses the Nvidia Drives IX to make features of AI itself. Program created is opened the door with face recognition, using the input gestures to control the cockpit, voice recognition, monitoring the condition of the driver and the driver's safety alarms in order to focus again.
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