CPAGROUND - How to get money from cpaground
CPAGROUND - How to get money from cpaground

CPAGROUND - How to get money from cpaground

CPAGROUND - How to get money from cpaground

How to earn money from the internet with the Cpaground-Cpaground is one of a Network of many Network offers resources to the publiser of CPI (cost per install), CPA (cost per action), and CPS (cost per sale). This means that we will be paid by the company or network if the link we put Action occurs according to the wishes of the peminta the service
cpaground offers unlimited earning potential to affiliates with the tools and resources that allow them to convert the traffic into more revenue. Affiliates can log in to their account from the desktop or mobile and get instant access to your statistics directly, or details based on your keywords, campaigns, and more. The self-service ad exchanges provide solutions for advertisers to buy traffic and for publishers to generate income. We provide a platform that helps advertisers increase their reach and create a highly effective targeted campaign on global traffic sources.
Publishers enjoy the simplicity of the code that they place on their site to generate income from creating content.

1. Registration
If you want to run the CPAGROUND, surely we should have an account CPAGROUND first. To register, After filling in all the required data, check back everything and click signUp to complete the registration process. After that you will be waiting for an email from CPAGROUND if your account is already successful Registration

2. Enter the Bank account
For rekning in CPAGROUND alone there are only three types of banks tang provided BANK BCA, MANDIRI and BNI, after successful login to the account CPAGROUND, you will get a notice at the top. The notice contained an order to immediately enter the bank account. The bank account itself serves to accommodate your current payment payday.

3. Mean Menu on Dashboard
Before starting to run the offer at CPAGROUND, it's good you first to recognize some of the menus that are on the dashboard of Your CPAGROUND account. Here's an explanation of some of the menus that are on the dashboard CPAGROUND, Menu "Quote" is a menu to display the page containing the offer/quote you can select to be promoted. On this page there are many applications or deals that you can run. There is a CPI, CPA, CPS, CPC and if you don't understand about it it will be good for you to read first what it

4. Run/promote your Offer
After understanding all about dashboard CPAGROUND, it's time we get to the core, namely on how to run the offer are available at CPAGROUND. CPAGROUND provides an awful lot of offer that you can run, in addition to some offer that appears directly on the dashboard, there are some offer that are not shown. Because to be able to run the offer must have approve/approval of AM (account manager)

5. Payment/Payout (Payday)
The most awaited moment we work/payment/payout is payday. In CPAGROUND, you got paid in accordance with the earning/results you get for promoting the offer provided.
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